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There are over 1200 worldwide crowdfunding platforms and rapidly growing. Here are just a selection of these platforms.

1 40billion.com Reward/Investment General United States
2 abundancegeneration.com Revenue-Share Niche/Solar England
3 afexios.com Equity General France
4 alumnifunder.com Reward/Investment Niche/University United States
5 americrowdfunding.com Equity General United States
6 Angel.me Equity Startups Belgium
7 appbackr.com Revenue-Share Niche/Mobile United States
8 appsfunder.com Revenue-Share Niche/Mobile Hong Kong
9 appsplit.com Revenue-Share Niche/Mobile United States
10 appstori.com Revenue-Share Niche/Mobile United States
11 theappvillage.com Revenue-Share Niche/Mobile Australia
12 arcticisland.com Equity General United States
13 assob.com.au Equity General Australia
14 Authr.com Revenue-Share Niche/Books United States
15 Axial.net Equity Generalist United States
16 banktothefuture.com Equity General United Kingdom
17 bolstr.com Revenue-Share Small Businesses United States
18 brainfund.net Revenue-Share Niche/Individual United States
19 broota.com/ Equity Startups Chile
20 thechangexchange.org Equity Small Businesses United States
21 cinemashares.com Equity Niche/Film United States
22 circleup.com Equity Niche/Industry United States
23 civilisedmoney.co.uk Debt Small Businesses United Kingdom
24 cloudfunded.com Equity Small Businesses Delaware
25 mycofolio.com Equity Small Businesses United States
26 www.companisto.de Equity Startups Germany
27 www.craftfund.com Equity Niche/Beer United States
28 crowdcapital.ca Equity General Canada
29 http://crowdfiber.com/ TBD Niche/Other United States
30 crowdmii.com Equity Startups Israel
31 http://crowdmurex.com/ Equity Niche/Real Estate Germany
32 crowd2ipo.com Equity General United Kingdom
33 crowdahouse.com Equity Niche/Real Estate United Kingdom
34 Crowdbaron.com Equity Niche/Real Estate Hong Kong
35 Crowdbnk.com Equity Startups United Kingdom
36 crowdcube.com Equity General United Kingdom
37 crowdcusp.com Equity General United States
38 crowdfunder.com Equity Startups United States
39 crowdinvest.co.za Equity General South Africa
40 signup.crowdismo.com Equity Niche/Ethnicity United States
41 crowdme.com Reward/Investment Niche/Film Sweden
42 CrowdMission.com Equity Niche/Social United Kingdom
43 ioumusic.com Revenue-Share Niche/Music Canada
44 earlyshares.com Equity Startups United States
45 emphas.is Reward/Investment Niche/Books Ireland
46 enduranceln.com Debt Small Businesses United States
47 equitynet.com Equity General United States
48 EquityShack.com Equity Small Businesses United States
49 eraise.com Equity General United States
50 eureeca.com Equity General United Arab Emirates
51 exhilway.com Equity General United States
52 fairstreet.com Blended Small Businesses United States
53 faithfunder.com Reward/Investment Niche/Religion United States
54 FilmFunder.com Equity Niche/Film United States
55 fimbex.com Equity General United States
56 foodstart.com Reward/Investment Niche/Food United States
57 fquare.com Equity Niche/Real Estate United States
58 friendsclear.com Debt General France
59 fundthegap.com Equity General United Kingdom
60 fundable.com Equity Startups United States
61 fundageek.com Reward/Investment Niche/Innovation United States
62 FundARealty.com Equity Niche/Real Estate United States
63 fundedbyme.com Equity General Sweden
64 thefundersclub.com Equity Startups United States
65 fundingcircle.com Debt Small Businesses United Kingdom
66 fundinglaunchpad.com Equity Startups United States
67 fundingknight.com Debt Small Businesses United Kingdom
68 fundrise.com Equity Niche/Real Estate United States
69 fundroom.com Equity General United States
70 fundyd.com Equity General Netherlands
71 gambitious.com Revenue-Share Niche/Gaming Netherlands
72 geldvoorelkaar.nl Debt Small Businesses Netherlands
73 gigfunder.com Reward/Investment Niche/Events United States
74 go4funding.com Equity Startups United States
75 growthfunders.com Equity Startups United Kingdom
76 healthtechhatch.com Equity Niche/Medical United States
77 http://hyperfund.com/ Equity TBD United States
78 icrowdfarms.com Debt Niche/Real Estate London
79 ifunding.co Equity Niche/Real Estate United States
80 impacttrader.com Equity Niche/Social United States
81 indiegogo.com Reward/Investment General United States
82 innovestment.de Equity General Germany
83 innovocracy.org/ Equity Niche/Innovation United States
84 invesdor.com Equity General Finland
85 investfashion.com Equity Niche/Fashion United States
86 Investiere.ch Equity Startups Switzerland
87 ipovillage.com Equity General United States
88 iravest.com Equity General United States
89 isepankur.ee Debt P2P Estonia
90 kokos.pl Debt Small Businesses Poland
91 lainaaja.fi Debt Small Businesses Finland
92 lendingclouds.com Revenue-Share General United States
93 LendSquare.com Debt Small Businesses United States
94 localstake.com Blended Small Businesses United States
95 lookandfin.com Equity General Belgium
96 luckyant.com Reward/Investment Small Businesses United States
97 lymo.fr Blended Niche/Real Estate France
98 mashup-finance.de Equity Startups Germany
99 microgenius.org.uk/ Revenue-Share Niche/Green United Kingdom
100 microventures.com Equity Startups United States